Oh Tilly's Tips for Your Best Photoshoot Results Ever!

How To Prepare for Your Session with Oh Tilly

Leading up to your brand photoshoot with Oh Tilly, things will go so

much smoother with these insider tips.

Follow along and do as many of these for the absolute best results

you can possibly get from your shoot!


It's no secret that hydrated skin glows. Hydrated skin also looks plumper (filling out fine lines and wrinkles), but it is clearer and cleaner too. So get at least 8 cups of water into you each day leading up to your shoot.

Waterfalls by TLC - PLEASE!


Flaky skin and makeup are true arch nemesis, so grab your favourite scrub or face cloth and have a good skin scrubbing session.

No Scrubs by TLC does not apply.

Tend to Your Hair

I don't recommend any major changes in your hair before a brand photoshoot, but it's important to touch up your roots and trim those pesky split ends. Your hair will show every imperfection in photos, so it's important that it's in top shape.

Your Other Hair

Then there's the hair we don't want, have your eyebrows shaped and dyed, and ladies, make sure your upper lip is moustache free. Heck I know I need to wax my upper lip and there's no shame in that. 😉

Oh and shave those legs if you're wearing a dress!

Keep Those Pits Dry

If you're a heavy sweater and sometimes leave your shirts a bit damp, it may be a good idea to bring along a fresh shirt to change into for your photos. Anti-perspirant is great, but it doesn't always stop everything. It is very difficult to photoshop out sweat on a shirt, but if I could I would.


Now is the time to ensure that your wardrobe is ready and that you have prepped all your clothes for the shoot. Launder/dry clean as necessary. Iron and remove lint from all garments required. Now set them aside so that's one less thing you need to worry about on the day of the shoot.

Good Grooming

Men, you need to be well groomed for the best possible results in your photos. Please ensure that your fade is fresh and your facial hair is sculpted to perfection (a good rule of thumb for a haircut is no more than one week before your shoot to ensure it looks tidy and natural).

Always remember that your head shots is often your best chance at a good first impression. Don't fall short because of bad grooming.

Mani-Care Please

Your hands are definitely going to be visible in a lot of your images. It's important that they look their best. Chipped polish looks so cheap and nasty and you don't want that associated with your brand. Classic nail colours and tidy nails that don't look like eagle talons are recommended.

Be Gentle With Your Skin

While gentle exfoliation is important if you're planning to wear makeup, it is not a good idea to go out and have a chemical peel or new type of facial in the week leading up to your shoot. You could have a reaction or leave your skin bumpy and peeling which is very obvious in photos. Instead treat your skin with what you know has worked in the past and be gentle.

99% of Success is in the Prep

The above points are the most important parts of your prep. Take care of these and we are going to have an amazing shoot with stunning results.

Putting your Best

Smile Forward

We all have a smile that we like, you know, the one you pull in the mirror before you leave the house. I want you to look in the mirror and practice that smile. Get so good at doing it that it becomes second nature - because I'm going to ask you to pull that smile at your shoot and you're going to want to be ready.

But most of all we all look our best when we laugh in photos, this is the realest face we can do and our audience LOVE to connect with that face.

Posing That Flatters, Posing That Tells a Story

Have a think about the poses and props that tell your brand story, do you work from a desk or at a table in a cafe? Do you sometimes sit on the sofa with your laptop? Do you work at the kitchen counter some nights? The furniture used in your session, and the way you pose with it tells your unique brand story.

Props for Your Brand Story

It's an excellent idea to have your brand props ready ahead of time.

Laptop, favourite mug, stationary (pens and notebooks and branded items) etc.

I can't wait to see you soon!


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