Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Brand Shoot

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Location location location. It’s not just a hot real estate tag line. It’s actually really important to consider when planning your brand photos hoot. 
Here are the reasons it’s important and how to choose the best location for you. 
Your location determines what your images will look like. Is your brand office/corporate based? Are you a brand that embraces nature and eco themes? Are you a trendy creative brand that uses lots of colour and bright design?
These questions are a great place to start.
** For corporate brands a clean white office space with lots of natural light is a great place to start.
** For natural brands we often start in a local park with lots of greenery and soft sunlight.
** For creative brands I would begin at a funky downtown Cafe and finish with some graffiti walls in the cbd.
Each location delivers many possibilities for image backgrounds. Non-photographers tend to think of locations as being one background or one potential image type. But an experienced photographer will capture many many different looks in one space.
*** An office building offers desk spaces, hallways, front doors, the back alley, the street view, the mirror in the bathroom, a large window overlooking the city etc.
*** A park offers flowers, green grass, large bushes, winding foot paths etc.
*** A cafe offers up the chance to catch you paying for your drink, using your laptop at the table, walking though the door, looking out the window etc.
There are so many angles and situations in each location.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a location for your branding shoot. 
Time and date and interference. So that park sounds like the perfect spot right? Great. But one problem, it’s usually packed with tourists or kids on scooters. Chat with your photographer about a better time to shoot there or an alternate space that will look the same in your images. Scope out the location on the same day of the week as your session and the same time of day. See how busy it is. If it’s too busy can you choose another day? Do you really want a bunch of other people in the background of your photos?

Utilities. Umm you need to get changed but there’s no public restroom or private space so you can get your kit off. This is definitely something to sort out ahead of time. You’ll need access to a public bathroom or a change space as a great branding session entails more than one outfit. I’ve totally had clients rip their top off in public, but it’s not for everyone.

Getting your gear there. So this isn’t totally about the location, you need somewhere accessible of course, but you should also cater to the location with how you choose to get your props and outfit changes there. If you really must have a certain location and it’s hard to get to, you could always grab a little pull cart to load your props into.

Privacy and the law. Some locations are simply a no go. Whether private property or dangerous or just plain illegal to photograph – check with your photographer way ahead of time so you can select a different location. Your photographer may also have a relationship with certain venue owners and might be able to get you in. **wink wink**

A well decorated home (your own, a friends or an Airbnb) can be an excellent location for your branding session.

So do you know where you’d shoot your ideal brand session?

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