Some sexy statistics that show just how important photography is for your brand

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Professional branding photography is an incredibly important part of any business’s visual presence. Failing to capture unique content or failure to use the content they have captured can have a negative impact on your brand recognition and connection with your audience.

Not only are the statistics on the use of photography clear, the stark contrast between the use of stock photos and unique, customised content is also clear.
Your audience wants to see your face, they want to connect with you, and they want to see unique content coming from your brand.

Authenticity Wins: Custom photos outperform stock images by 35% in eliciting a response from your audience. Source

Marketing Preference: Original photography and graphics deliver 40% more success than stock photos, resonating better with audiences. Source

Memory Boost: Photos enhance memory retention by 65%, making your message stick and your brand impression last. Source

Press Release Impact: Releases with photos receive 40% more views, amplifying your message. Source

Facebook Engagement: Posts with images get 20% more engagement than videos and 352% more than text-only posts. Photos are the bare minimum, if you can deliver video content consistently your brand will be doing better than a huge percentage of your competitors.Source

E-Commerce Sales: Quality product images are crucial, with 67% of consumers considering them “very important” in their purchase decision. Source

Article Views: Articles with images get 94% more views than those without, keeping readers engaged. Have you ever landed on a blog post with no images? Yeah me too, I clicked out immediately. Most people don’t even read the first line. Source

Google Business Listings: A single image boosts consumer consideration by 60%, leading to more contacts. Source

Page Load Importance: 44% of users bounce if images fail to load, emphasizing the need for optimization. So while photos are important, your page load time is more important when it comes to your website. Are you losing customers because your visual content isn’t properly optimised? Source

Google Image Search: With 22.6% of web searches happening on Google Images, optimized visuals are key for visibility. Google image search is still commanding the second largest portion of internet searches, significantly higher than Youtube searches and lower only than Google text search. Source

Photography isn’t just about visuals; it’s about forging deeper connections with your audience and driving measurable results. Embrace it’s power to elevate your brand and turn your audience into raving fans.



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