The 6 Outfits You Need for Your Branding Session or Head Shots

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One of the biggest challenges in planning a branding session is what to wear. 
Almost every single time a client books their session with me, their very first email after confirmation goes like this: ‘Yay, I’m so excited. Now I just need to figure out what to wear’. I mean, word-for-word they’re almost always the same.
I have good news for you, if you book a branding session with Oh Tilly, the response to that email is my session preparation guide which goes through exactly what you should wear (along with visual guides and shopping tips). If you’re somewhere else in the world and can’t get to Tilly, then this post should help make the processing of deciding what to wear for your headshots so much easier.

Your brand colours. It stands to reason that wearing your brand colours will be great for website and social media images simply because it helps to tie everything in together. It’s important to present a cohesive brand aesthetic to create brand recognition among your audience.

Something fitted. I am a bigger girl and I have spent so much time debating whether to wear something shaped like a tent (to hide all my lumps and bumps) or to wear something fitted and risk people knowing that I have a tummy that sticks out a bit. For your photos, fitted clothes are best. There are a few reasons. Baggy clothes add weight and bulk to your frame which can make you look wider. Fitted clothes show your narrower parts and create a more neat overall silhouette. Female curves are beautiful, whether big or small, so we should never hide them.
Opt for texture over patterns to create interest in your outfit. I know this is a what to wear guide but that doesn’t mean I can’t also tell you what to avoid. Please avoid bold patterns, logos, stripes, spots etc. The absolute best option is to choose solid colours in your clothing. Now from time to time this rule can be broken, but only if that really aligns with your brand. Headshots for professionals should be captured in solid colours.

Something that you would wear on a work-from-home day. If you’re capturing brand imagery, and working from home is so important in modern times, it’s important to represent that part of your brand too. Personally I love to work in my pjs, and yes I’ve shot a professional branding session in Pajamas! But it’s not for everyone. Classy casual or luxury lounge wear is perfect for the images of you with your laptop on the sofa or bed. Scrub the soles of your feet though because no one wants to see Brown soles of feet in photos.

Event wear. Many women in business are invited to attend or speak at events. Images in this type of attire definitely have many uses in your marketing.
Corporate wear. Pop on a suit, if it aligns with your brand, and showcase your CEO side. Remember that old saying ‘dress for the job you want not the job you have’, this definitely applies to your brand imagery. Channel your inner CEO.

One last tip, make sure you take the time to ensure your hair and Makeup are spot on. Check this post out for the best hair and Makeup practices for branding photos and headshots.


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