These 6 Branding Photography Myths are Stopping Your Business from Growing!

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I bet you read that and thought, how on earth could a myth about branding photography be holding my business back?
What does branding photography even have to do with the growth of my business?
Surely I can grow my business without branding photography, or with sub-par brand photography?

Well that’s the problem with something holding you back, often times you don’t realise it’s holding you back until you change it. So read on to find out the top 6 misconceptions about brand photography and how to stop them from keeping your business from growing.


Myth Number 1: My business doesn’t need brand photography.

*buzzer sounds* Meeerpppp. Wrong. Every business in the world NEEDS brand photography. Think right now, off the top of your head, the top ten brands in the world – do they have brand photography? Yes they do, in fact the top ten brands in the world would spend millions of dollars per annum on brand photography, models, styling etc. These big companies know that the way to a consumer’s heart is through their eyes.
Coca Cola’s brand photography ranges from images of their product to images of all kinds of models, sports stars and celebrities enjoying their product. Every time you see one of these images you probably start thinking about drinking some Coca Cola. Because their brand photography works.
It can work for you too. Alluring images of your product or service can create desire in your audience’s minds and make them feel the same way for you that they feel about that coke.

{not all NIKE brand photography is focussed on their products, most is focussed on the problems they solve and the lifestyle they create}

Myth Number 2: Brand photography won’t work for my business type.

If you think you have a type of business that won’t benefit from brand photography please feel free to shoot me an email and arrange a strategy session. If I can’t show you how brand photography will work for your business, and grow your business – I will shout you a coffee!
Service based businesses always benefit from images of the people who perform the services. They benefit from images of those people working in all aspects of the business. Heck people even love behind-the-scenes images. Product based businesses definitely need excellent quality product shots, but even more so the lifestyle that that product provides. Show your clients’ problems being solved.

{Flourish Physiotherapy is a brand that works with women during and after pregnancy to help keep their bodies healthy and strong and supported, branding photography shows their audience what they can expect from a session with Kelly. A safe, kind and nurturing environment and understanding and compassion} 

Myth Number 3: Brand photography does not have a tangible ROI (return on investment).

Although it can be hard to measure without specific A/B testing and a brand history without it to compare to, every business I have worked with has been able to connect their visible luxury brand photography with growth in their business.
Your audience is constantly forming opinions about your business and your competitors every time they see your brand. Without brand imagery they don’t see you. With sub-par brand imagery they form a negative opinion (take you less seriously because you fail to invest in your brand). With visible high quality brand imagery they are forming positive opinions about your brand (know, like, trust starts here).

Myth Number 4: A headshot is the only ‘brand photography’ I need.

There’s this very common branding misconception that a brand is a logo. Along the same lines many people believe brand photography begins and ends at a headshot. Don’t get me wrong, I really truly do not wish to down-play the utter importance of excellent headshots, but a headshot does not brand photography make.
Your brand is about your story, your client’s story and your journey together. A brand is what your clients say about you when you’re not in the room. Brand photography tells your brand story when you can’t use words or when words aren’t enough.

Myth Number 5: I can take my own brand photos.

I can probably change the oil in my car, but it’s not my forte or my passion so I leave that to my lovely mechanic. The quality of your brand images is imperative. Poorly captured, lit and edited  brand images can reflect negatively on your brand. A professional branding photographer (a specialist photographer who focusses on branding photography alone) has years of experience telling the story of brands. They know what images your brand needs and how to get them. They will take images that stop your audience in their scroll, images that make people want to engage with your business.
Yes you can snap a shot on your iphone, but can you do all that? More to the point, do you really want to?

Myth Number 6: I can’t afford professional brand photography.

Before I became a brand photographer I spent 15 years in the fast paced, high stress wedding photography industry. I personally screened every single one of the hundreds of brides that I photographed to ensure I was always working with people who really wanted to work with me (which also ensures they get exactly what they want). One rule that proved true in every single case was the brides who said they ‘couldn’t afford’ wedding photography prices, managed to spend the same $$ value on alcohol and all the things that impressed their guests most. Your business CAN afford professional brand photography, it may require some prioritising, but if you choose not to invest in brand photography you will likely never see the growth needed to have more financial freedom in your business and your life. The bottom line is that your business probably can’t afford NOT to have professional brand photography.

Oh Tilly Brand Photography has packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes and you can start off small, telling your story through a small collection of images. As this grows your brand and you start to see more conversions you can invest more if you choose to. After seeing that ROI you will definitely want to.  Get in touch here.

Styled stock images in this article from the Oh Tilly Styled Stock Library and one of my all time best sellers across multiple platforms. Oh Tilly Hot Chocolate Winter Warmer.


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