What to Wear for Your Headshots & Brand Photos

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‘What do I wear for my photos?’ is such a common question I receive from my clients that I have already written one blog post about it before.
The points in the first article are still all very valid and I highly recommend you read it too, but I also wanted to add some extra information because a better informed you has a better photoshoot, right!?!

Here are the 9 things I tell people when they ask me ‘what do I wear for my photos Tilly?’


A Best First Impression.

Imagine you’re meeting with a new client for the first time, you want to make an excellent first impression. So you wear something that is considered appropriate for your industry but elevated above your competitors. Leave your audience feeling like you are the best presented option when they look at your photos.


Your Work Uniform

In the course of performing your services or creating your products there is usually a ‘uniform’ that you wear. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean a navy blue skirt and blazer, or tradie pants and a high viz shirt (but it might): it just means what you wear when you meet with a client to do the work they’ve hired you for.
For example: I will turn up in a dress and sneakers 99% of the time. A plumber would wear a high viz shirt with work wear pants and boots, an accountant would wear slacks and an oxford shirt.
There’s no rules about what your uniform is, but you definitely need to get some photos wearing it.


Something a Bit Fancy

Most of us attend events representing our brand, many of us are asked to speak or be on panels at events. It’s important to have some fancy AF images of you in these outfits. Trust me, you will use them.


Work From Home Fits

In this modern era so many of us, especially business owners, spend a large portion of our working time at home. It’s a great idea to represent that part of your brand with some outfits of you a little more casual. These work well for social media posts and personal about me pages on websites.


Speaking of Personal, Some Outfits That OOZE Personality

Not someone else’s, YOURS. If you’re obsessed with dachshunds – wear a doxxie dress. If you can’t live without coffee – a quirky shirt with a coffee slogan on it.
These outfits work great for creating connections with your audience. People love to do business with people they feel they have a personal connection to and loving the same things creates that feeling.


Your Brand Colours

Include some brand colours in your outfits. Not necessarily the clothing, but accessories too. These pops of your brand colour help your brand photos and headshots to feel cohesive on your website and social media feeds. If your brand colours don’t look great on you, then just use some accessories – shoes, handbags, phone cases, laptop cases, pens, books, mugs etc.


Lifestyle Wear

Like your personality and how that can foster personal connections with your audience, so can many aspects of your lifestyle. Fishing, boating, sports, stem and chess, cycling, gym rat, crossfit? If you do any of these, the chances are a large portion of your ideal clients avatar do too. For a brand shoot we can include some images of you doing these activities so that you have that opportunity to share online giving your audience a chance to think you’re a pretty cool guy or gal.


Something Flattering for Your Body Type/Shape

If you’re a busty gal then don’t wear too plunging of a neckline, but a turtle neck definitely isn’t any better. Large framed men shouldn’t wear a jacket that bulks out their frame even more. Crew necks on women with a short neck photograph terribly. Big billowy outfits on bigger people just make them look even bigger on camera. I think you get the idea.
If you’re not sure what features of your body to highlight and what to hide, then I would suggest taking a straight on photo in the mirror and look at the parts of your body that look disproportionately wide, long, thin or short. Then try on a few different items of clothing and assess whether they either highlight those disproportionate features or camouflage them. If in doubt, send me an email and I can help.


Flattering Colours for Your Seasonal Colour Analysis

We all have a season of colours that suit us best (Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn). Wearing colours outside of our season will make us look older, greyer, sicker and sadder. Wearing our correct colours however, will make us glow, look younger and even need less makeup! How amazing is that. I know that I am a Bright Winter colour season so I try to always wear colours that suit that season. If you don’t know what your season is, I highly suggest heading over to Youtube to find a tutorial that guides you through finding out.

Final Tips and FAQ’s

Always bring multiple options of clothing to your photoshoot.
Check with your photographer first.
Take full length photos in your outfits and decide whether they flatter you (you can send them to me too and I will give constructive feedback and tips).
Find out what your seasonal colour is and stick to that palette.
Accessorise in your brand colours.


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